OraPub Super Saturday

Learn how selected areas of Oracle work together and how you can influence the results! The selected topics are very performance and internals centric (including 12c) and based on real performance research. 

If you are looking for greater insights than what Google, books, or a fancy slide deck can provide, then you'll love OraPub Super Saturdays!

  • Date: Saturday October 25th (9am - 5pm)
  • Lunch will be included
  • Location: 
                        Education Service Center (Region 20)
                        1314 Hines Avenue
                        San Antonio, TX 78208
Totally Unique 
    Doesn't interrupt your job
    Expert instruction by an ACE Director
    Oracle DB performance centric
    Fun and Interactive

You'll learn Oracle Performance 
  • Deep performance insights 
  • Amazing Oracle internals 
  • How Oracle really works as a system 
  • How to maximize Oracle performance 
  • How to quickly understand solution quality 
  • How to set up a quantitative time-based analysis 
  • Why any performance solution will help or not